Finding the right voice talent

Create a lasting impression with the right voice over actor

Marketers know that first impressions are everything. You spend hours on the perfect branding statement, you make sure your website messaging is on point, and each company logo update goes through endless revisions.

The sound of your brand

Despite all this attention to crafting the perfect imagery, not everyone spends much time thinking of the sound of their brand – and that is a mistake. Just like our eyes notice beautiful imagery, our ears are finely tuned for pleasant sounds, whether it is during a radio ad, a corporate video, or an audio book. An unremarkable voice, at best, can result in lack of attention – at worst, it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

Impressions and emotions

A professional voice actor conveys your brand’s essence through sound. Expertly modulating their vocal chords, they use emotion to create a memorable message that will cut through the noise. Voices come in all shapes and sizes, of course, from baritone to alto, and all age groups. There is a lot to choose from!

Male or female?

When it comes to gender, the old adagio was to choose based on the target audience, e.g. sports car = mostly male, home products = mostly female. But that paradigm is changing; female voices are growing in popularity as marketers are increasingly choosing female voice talent for their messaging, even when their target audience is mostly male.


Just be memorable.

So spend some time thinking of your audience, their preferences and personalities, and of the best type of voice to communicate your message to them. Remember, your goal is to be remembered.

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